Bats at Wilson Reserve 19th August

12345Written by: Robert Bender

A fair bit of rain overnight and early morning, but the afternoon was fine. So off to the woods we marched.




Ben and Kristin accompanied Steve, Brandont and the Chambers followed Dani and me. Steve and Dani har-nessed up and did all the box-checking, young Sophie scribing.




Several boxes had Huntsman spiders in them, as usual.



Steve got one female Gould’s from B17, and reported a growling glider in Glider box 2, so Dani’s team went back to have a look at it/them. We last had gliders in November 2013, so this is very good news.




Sophie and Will were very eager to learn about bats, and most helpful.



As there was only one bat, Dani weighed and measured it in the car park, then stayed for a chat with Steve, Kristin and Stanley, while the rest of us marched back into the woods with the ladder, so I could return the bat to her box.


The peak box usage in August was the first two years after bats decided to start using them, and since then it has collapsed to a low but variable level. They should all be back next month.




Ben declared an intention to station himself beneath the glider box and watch it/them emerge at dusk. Petra said she’d bring the children again as they were most excited by their afternoon’s experience, and I had the afternoon off.



Our one little bat sat for her portrait before being re-stored to her box. She was banded in June, and assessed as not having had pups yet – an adolescent.


The team was just the usual regulars: Steve, Dani, Stanley and me, plus five new recruits: Ben Wilson, Brandont Tiang, (both conservation students) and the Chambers family from Sunbury, mother Petra and two young scouts, Will and Sophie.


About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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