Bat box check at the Organ Pipes, 13 Aug 2017

123456789101112Written by: Robert Bender

We had a fine day, started at noon, and found two large groups of bats – photo of 40 Gould’s in C33. The park was very busy with casual visitors, so we had much show-and-tell. Bridal Creeper everywhere on Main Flat.



Peeked into glider box 7 and found a Brushtail!




The processing team had already started, with many visitors





Emily continued show-and-tell to eager young visitors.




All were welcome to watch bat assessing in progress.





Anita had Bethany Seitz as scribe – a new recruit.




Paul Bertuch again brought a mini-busload of his Conservation students up from Frankston. Some scribed, and all learned much from their afternoon with us. There were only 88 bats, so it was all over by 4:30. Several of the new recruits seemed eager to return for more bat monitoring days.


Steve found one young Gould’s, PIT-tagged last December, with a large tear in its right wing. We’ll see in October whether it has healed.



Everyone but Andrew and I went off home once the VC was tidied up and all gear packed into cars. We had two hours until dark, so enjoyed a stroll around the Pipes, watching the shadows creep up the basalt wall.



Andrew got into doing some weeding, pulling out Flea-bane and Spear thistles. There’s a big patch of Hemlock by the creek below the Pipes. Very toxic weed.




Half a dozen times, a very relaxed fox strolled past us, nose to ground, sniffing out dinner.




A group of ravens remained very active, flying about and cawing, until it was quite dark. Just as we were about to release bats, three dusk visitors came along and joined in – two of them Uni. Melb. science students who know Pia.


All the bats flew off quickly, and home we went.


Box Bat Species    Adult

  M      F

C33 40 Gould’s 10 30
C36 16 Gould’s 8 8
C47 13


Gould’s Lge Forest 3


C46 2



Lge Forest





C03 7 Gould’s 3 4
C20 2 Gould’s 1 1
C32 1 Gould’s   1
C17 1 Gould’s   1*
  88 Totals 28 60

* dead


About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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