Bat box check at the Organ Pipes, 20 June 2017

1234567891011Written by: Robert Bender

Winter brings fewer bats, and that’s what happened this month with just 7 boxes occupied. I arrived late and missed most of the box-checking, but stayed to help Steve do some maintenance on a couple of boxes. Bridal Veil Creeper was rampant all over Main Flat.



Up in the Visitor Centre, work was well under way by the time we drove up.




Just two species for the day, with 11 Large Forest bats




New recruits included two young boys who were very helpful with scribing and checking bat bands against the spreadsheet history files.




Astrid Scott joined us in Feb. and returned this month.





Amanda di Fuccio was with us for her first visit




Anna Feldman, already vaccinated, had her first session of bat-handling with our project.




Jessica Ridout scribed for Anita





And Kael Mason helped by checking the spreadsheet on one laptop




Some of the Large Forest Bats were in boxes on repeat visits, so are perhaps part of the long-term population seeing the park as home.




There were only 112 bats, so it was all over soon after 6 o’clock. Andrew came down to help release the bats.



As happened in April, most of the bats were in the new-multi-chambered boxes, 45 and 46, with 51 of the bats between them.

Box Bat Species    Adult

  M                      F

C46 28



Lge Forest



C39 20 Gould’s 2 18
C45 17 Gould’s 4 13
C22 12



Lge Forest





C36 15 Gould’s 6 9
C30 8 Gould’s 2 6
C38 1 Gould’s 1*  
  112 Totals 35 77

* dead


About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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