Bats at Wilson Reserve, 18 March 2018

12345Written by: Robert Bender

To start off the afternoon on a different note, Angela brought a friend, Jane Rumble, animal carer, raising a baby wombat, which slept much of the afternoon.




Steve had a sore shoulder and went off home after helping Stanley extract 7 bats from the Burke Rd tubes. So there was just one ladder and a long hot afternoon.




There were groups of bats in 8 boxes, so the hanger slowly became heavier.




Adam and Daniel Burrowes looked after the bagged bats all the way round the circuit, with several people stopping for a show-and-tell. Adam spotted a Frogmouth pretending to be a stump near box 3



Dani did the last box about 5:30 and we went off to my house, where Elizabeth Walsh was keen to develop her bat-handling skills, and Geoff Daniel scribed. Elizabeth and Geoff led a contingent from Friends of Bayside in Beaumaris, where I gave a Bat Night talk in August 2015.





Another new recruit was Tao Lee, who had also been vaccinated and developed her handling skills over the afternoon, including assessing White Spot.






Dani had to PIT-tag a few bats, and take membrane samples for her genetics project, as well as managing the spreadsheet to check judgments of reproductive condition of the various bats.


89We didn’t finish until long after dark. Elizabeth, Geoff and Tao were keen to come help release the bats. So we drove down to the car park, and the bats were all gone in about 15 minutes – 40 of them, eager to get on with feeding on such a perfect foraging night. Geoff makes bat boxes for the Bayside group, and was keen to see what a bat box monitoring project does.


After many photos of white bags, I got one of two bats flying off Elizabeth’s hand. We finished up at 9:30 p.m. everyone very tired after a long day.

Box Bats Species Adult
B13 14 Gould’s 6 8
B14 8 Gould’s 8
B19 6 Gould’s 1 5
B26 4 Gould’s 4
B21 3 Gould’s 1 2
B23 1 Gould’s 1 2
B04 1 Gould’s 1
B18 1 Gould’s 1
Burke Rd.
T05 3 Gould’s 1 2
T02 1 Gould’s 1
T08 1 Gould’s 1  
T09 1 Gould’s 1  
T11 1 Gould’s 1
  47 Total 13 34

About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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