Bat box check at Wilson Reserve, 16 July 2016


Written by: Robert Bender

Steve couldn’t come this month, so Melissa brought over the harness and ropes, and did all the climbing. The glider nest in SG2 has not gone any further, so it looks as though we won’t get gliders this year.



Looks like it’s the season for ant swarming and formation of new colonies as one box had a group of winged ants.




Two boxes had one Gould’s each, then box 1 had 4, all cool and torpid.




Box 2 had a Grey Huntsman, which leaped out and floated down to the ground. When I tried to move it so it wouldn’t get trodden on, it raised its front legs, and threatened me with its fangs – very brave.




Box 4 had hundreds of maggots on its lid.




Joanna Mery came along to help so she scribed while Melissa did the bat-handling, starting with 3 from Burks Rd. 9 bats, compared to the 1 we got last July.




The few Gould’s were all torpid and sleepy.




With only 9 bats to process, it was soon over. Stanley took his 43 back to replace in their tube and I went down to the reserve with our 6 at 6:35 and they all flew off as soon as I opened the bags.

Box Bats Species Adult
B01 4 Gould’s 2 2
B14 1 Gould’s 1
B26 1 Gould’s 1
Burke Rd
T06 3 Gould’s 3
  9 Total 3 6

About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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