Bat box check at Wilson Reserve, 7 November 2015

Written by: Robert Bender

Full of optimism, we gathered at the car park with ladder and harness, and found mainly spiders. This little Clubionid was guarding her egg mass.
Box 9 had an ant nest and as usual they started gathering up eggs and moving out when the lid went up
Nearby we found a colourful caterpillar, which I think is from the Mesodrepta harpotoma moth.
Finally there was one male Gould’s in one of the new boxes, B24, its first-known use by a bat.
Jodie Thomson brought along her family. Daughter Ella got to carry the lone bat bag bat to the car park.
On deck at my place there was a bat from Burke Rd plus the one male from Wilson Reserve. Not a long processing session!
Steve gave a demo of handling technique to assess forearm length, and roll up a bat in a ziplock bag for weighing.
Evie Jones, newly vaccinated, made a small start on becoming a bat handler, with Angela scribing.
The male bat from Wilson Reserve was 96567, banded as a juvenile in Dec. 2014, and now captured for the 10th time, so it has been in the colony for a year, probably born October last year.
The Burke Rd bat was 96523, banded in March and now captured for the 4th time. Stanley and Helen went off to release him and I walked down to release the other at 9 p.m. – he flew off very quickly.
All the females had decided to roost elsewhere so we don’t know how far advanced any pregnancies might have got and may have to try again later in the month.
The team this month was: Steve, Stanley, Helen, Rachel, Melissa, Evie, Angela, and Jodie with the Thomson family, and me.


About Pia Lentini

Pia Lentini is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Melbourne's Quantitative and Applied Ecology group.
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